2019 Cube Way Retreat


About the Retreat

Don’t miss the opportunity to supercharge your energy, motivation and focus by supercharging your network and environment. You’ll spend 6 days in beautiful surroundings, working with people who are as committed to achieving their dreams as you are. Your meals and snacks will be prepared for you, using fresh, organic superfoods and you’ll have one to one support to help you work through every facet of The Cube Way. You’ll have one to one support every day, including Coaching, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and therapeutic conversations to help you uncover and eliminate blocks in your thinking that may be holding you back. 

By the end of the six days, you’ll feel balanced, energetic and calm. You will know more about your values and your happiness drivers and you’ll have designed your life goals in alignment with those things. You’ll have a plan you feel committed to and inspiring people in your network who you can call on in challenging times.   

What to Expect

By the end of the 6 days you should expect to:

  • Know your values
  • Know what makes you happy
  • Have created a life design tailored to your values and happiness drivers
  • Have a plan for achieving your goals
  • Feel mentally strong and more resilient
  • Be able to make better use of your mind body connection to keep you feeling strong and motivated
  • Have a stimulating morning routine you can practice every day
  • Feel physically healthy and vibrant
  • Have a network of powerful, inspiring and motivating people to call on when you face challenges 
  • Know where to focus your time and energy within your network of friends and family
  • Know how to shape your environment for success
  • Have strategies for managing the highs and lows of life
  • Be really excited about the 2020 retreat and already want to book your place!

Your Team

Natalie Britt
Natalie Britt
Creator of The Cube Way

You’ll have daily workshops with Natalie to learn everything you need to master The Cube Way.

Dr Despina Learmonth
Clinical Psychologist

Daily sessions with “Dr Dee” will help you get past some of the blocks that might be holding your back from achieving your goals.


A strong mind relies on a strong body. Our chef is there to make sure your mind and body are nourished with gorgeous, fresh, organic food.

Yoga Instructor

Our qualified yoga instructor  will teach you the principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, ensuring you can continue your practice on returning home.

Save your spot

Don't miss out! Tickets are selling like pop-tarts.

Early Bird

£ 2000
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£ 2500
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Retreat and 6 Follow up Coaching Sessions

£ 3000
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I really loved the fact that all the insights I had missed in the previous year was delivered right on the spot in the various shows and by the professional speakers.
Paul Dean
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