Courses and Workshops

We offer a series of courses and workshops to suit the needs of your team and business.

We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ training because creating the best fit for any group of people means understanding the needs of those people and the results they’d like to achieve.

Contact us to discuss your goals in relation to any of the topics below and we’ll help you achieve them.

Improving Performance

WARNING: We discourage the use of performance management paperwork. We believe people can manage themselves and it’s up to leaders to make that possible.

Strengthening Motivation

There are key drivers for motivation. Working out what drives the individuals in your team will help you create more opportunities for people to feel motivated and do their best work.

Creating Productive Challenge

The way people challenge each other can be the greatest strength  or the greatest weakness within a group. It’s useful to learn how to challenge in ways that improve group dynamics and results. 

Encouraging Learning

There’s always so much work to do, it’s difficult for people to take time away from their work to improve their knowledge and skills. For your organisation to continue to perform at it’s best, it’s important to encourage this investment.

Shaping our Culture

Most organisations display information about their culture, values and mission on their websites and around their offices but rarely do these displays match the true culture within teams. Take time to think about the culture you want and how you can create it.

Delivering Influential Presentations

We’re always selling something. An idea, a plan, a product, a change or anything else that requires an audience to buy in to what you’re saying. There are brilliant ways you can increase the power of your message and, with that, your chances of getting a yes.

How we work

We’ll visit your offices or arrange a call with you to discuss your goals and needs.

Based on the information you provide, we’ll determine whether or not there is benefit in carrying out further analysis to work out the best approach for you and your team.

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll prepare a course or workshop for you. Courses involve more “chalk and talk” while workshops involve more hands-on or experiential learning.

We’ll follow up with you and your team feedback to you with information detailing your return on investment.

Teaming with Cube Learning for our Leadership Development Program was really effective and at the same time, very enjoyable. Our organisation operates in a very niche market and we needed a bespoke solution to cater for the needs of our talented Creative Leadership Team. Cube was very clear about translating the the training goals we wanted to achieve as a team into action.
Elizabeth Grinbaum
HR Consultant


Contact us

Let us know a little bit about what you’d like to achieve and we’ll get back to you to arrange a call or meeting at your convenience. 

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